About John

As a Consultant Facilitator for over 30 years, I have designed and led many meetings, strategic conversations, innovation sessions, online groups and away days for leaders, study groups and project teams. In parallel, I have also conducted lots of strategic research, raised project funding, produced influential reports and mentored individuals.
Always adopting the longer term view and respecting the bigger picture, I have worked on great projects with lots of interesting people. Whether immersed in discussions about the bigger picture with military officers, discovering my calm centre when resolving differences between managers, or engaging with a group of cancer sufferers, some of the most rewarding experiences have been when I have had to dig deep within myself to deal with rarely addressed issues or emotionally-charged subjects.
Now, motivated by my personal interest in transforming everyday work and the reinvention of organisations, my preferred starting point is a one-to-one conversation with individuals who are willing to challenge the we-have-always-done-it-this-way consensus and who want to make real, long-lasting difference.
Drawing on all of this experience and my lifelong interests in depth psychology, the perennial spiritual wisdom and leading-edge scientific thought, I am writing a book on Conscious Working Conversations.
"John is a master of his craft. As such a great deal of his work is barely perceptible. A deft and accomplished mediator his skill is not in defusing difficult or antagonistic situations but in moving beyond the current, sifting value from stale or corrosive positions and conduiting positive resources into a new perspective. Transformation with John has little to do with new elements and everything to do with growing new insight." Karen Peters, Leader, Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Centre