Currentwise Facilitation and Research

As a Consultant Facilitator, Intermediary and Strategic Researcher, I provide highly customised support services for leaders, project teams and management consultancies (Client List):
  • Design, plan and lead meetings, workshops and away days.
  • Facilitate difficult conversations and resolve differences.
  • Research recurring issues and tough questions.

The Road Less Travelled

Over the years, I have facilitated many strategic conversations and innovation meetings. Often, a particular subject keeps bubbling to the surface, threatening to take everyone off track.  Rather than trying to avoid such detours, now I see that these recurring problems, questions, disagreements and ideas are often clues to creating a deeper sense of purpose, better plans and more sustainable innovation.


In parallel, to my one-to-one consulting and group facilitation services, I love to research and contemplate heartfelt questions and complex issues. My emphasis upon everyday human experience and rethinking our most basic assumptions, means that clients value my ability to bring something new and fresh to the table. (Previous Research)