I offer a simple, powerful service, which allows you to review and contemplate why you work and the way you work.
This service is particularly useful before you revise plans, before you make crucial decisions, or before you develop new projects. My primary goal is to help you to feel prepared to change or to be ready for impending change, by clarifying your thoughts, feelings and priorities before bringing others into the conversation.
Our starting point is often a recurring issue that keeps getting in the way, a burning question that remains unanswered, or an innovative idea that has been left on the shelf for years; however, the common focus is always something that you care about deeply. 
The result would be 1-3 pages to inspire and support your conversations with new and current colleagues about how you are going to make a real difference together.
Until further notice, I am offering all one-to-one services as a pay-what-feels-right service.  You pay as much, or as little as you like.  All I ask is that you commit to having an in-depth conversation over several weeks and, with my help, to writing something meaningful and from the heart.
John has proved most helpful in challenging our preconceived notions and assisting us to look at alternatives. John’s work with us has been superb.” Tony Okotie, CEO., Tameside 3rd Sector Coalition.