When your path disappears

Quietly and confidentially, I support project leaders, chief executives, management consultants, facilitators, counsellors, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, community activists, social innovators and others who need to restore a sense of purpose to their working lives, when the way ahead no longer feels clear.

When Success Is No Longer Enough

You may have lost heart in a particular project, or work as a whole. The work you once loved may be turning into a chore. You may have lost a sense of who you are in your working life and feel like you are sailing against the tide. Frustrations may emerge when measures of success start to feel hollow and force you to re-question why you work and the way you work.
These are all signs of a deep change within yourself that you could choose to ignore and stifle with even more ambitious goals, unnecessary obligations and energy-sapping disagreements. Or you could take time to rediscover what success truly means for you.

Follow Your Interior Compass

Emerging from such confusing periods could lead to you creating your own path and seeing everything through new eyes. If desired, this is when we could bring others into the conversation and develop heartfelt, meaningful projects.

Working With You

Initially, most one-to-one consulting would be via email, text or chat, with opportunities to speak over the phone or in person when you feel ready to do so.  There would be no set fees.  You would pay however much you feel the service is worth, as we build a highly customised way of working together.
With regard to this type of service, you might find my article on Linkedin interesting: When Your Path Disappears.